Fizzle Out and Fly Right

by Quasar Wut-Wut

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Originally released under the band name "Grin" before realizing there already was a band in the '70s called "Grin", and that that name sucks.
CONSUMER WARNING: this was our first studio album. We were young. We were nervous. We had STDs. Point being, think of this as a "let's listen to their humble beginnings" kind of thing. Like a Beatles Anthology I, only without all that raw talent holding us back. Still enjoyable ("Hatch" is a big live number still to this day), but please take it with a grain of salt.
POINT OF INTEREST: Check out the original creepy version of "Stiletto" on here. Years later it turned into a country-fied version on "Taro Sound" that The Kids really enjoy. Compare and contrast!


released October 1, 1995

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at:
The White Room Studios, Detroit, MI
Engineered by Dave Piechura



all rights reserved


Quasar Wut-Wut Chicago, Illinois

Considered the finest rock band ever to have formed in Belleville, Michigan, Quasar Wut-Wut has been "delivering" since 1990. After destroying Detroit for years we relocated to Chicago in 1999 and have since refused to leave. Five full-lengths in the can with a new one (and a DVD) on the way, QWW just can't take the hint that no one wants them. We don't mind, we like us just the way we are. ... more

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Track Name: Hatch
And my good doctor said to me,
"Look at these and tell me,
What do you see?"
I see clowns on fire
and vines growing higher.
Do you think I'm crazy?

Then he really engaged me,
"Young man, continue this is
Very interesting."
I see a man in a dress who's
Mistaken to be Moses.
Can you do anything for me?

"All that you need
To pull out the weeds
And bury your dreams
Is hatch a new head
when the old one goes bad."

Still my good doctor says to me,
"Look at these now tell me,
What do you see?"
I see a stiletto all the time,
and distance in my side.
Do you think I'm crazy?
Going home I sometimes usually
Exit the bus at Pinwheelie Street,
But I just wanna sleep.
Behind my eyes
I see the blind leading the blind,
they're too sexy all the time.
Precious stones don't make windows?

"All that you need
To pull out the weeds
And bury your dreams
Is hatch a new head
when the old one goes bad.
You've heard what I've said
You must start with a flame,
Incubate your brain,
Hatch a new head
Or go crazy instead!"

"One last time,"
My doctor said to me,
"Well look at these again and tell me,
What do you see?"
But this time I saw the vines on fire
and the clowns all untied.
Now you think I'm crazy!

There’s no need to hold your head in the fire
All we need is to drain the heat
Track Name: 1,000,000
I lay inside you
I'm witnessing everything, everything's much too close. You're stripping me good.
All these motions are happening far too fast.
If I could only get loose
I would rip your soul in two.

I feel your sweat.
I feel your pain.
I feel what's pumping through you veins.
I taste it all.
I feel strange pains.
I see what's hiding in your veins,
But I don't think it's pain.

Hang sheets a'stained;
Curtains for your soul.
Your fruit is tainted and your blood is cold.
Just put me out
And do me in.
I'm standing here naked, put my dress back on again Cold'n'svget? Guilt? I don't know.
Track Name: Polution Solution (1,000,001)
Watch what you say there my friend,
It sounds a little cruel.
And though it wouldn't stick on me
The Question still remains:
Will it fit together?
Or turn into disaster?
Revelation into revolution!
Oh, you've really done it this time...

Watch where you sit there mon freir,
he paint is still a little wet.
And though it wouldn't stick on me
The Question still remains:
Bleach'em will it ruin the pant?
Scrub'em will it tear the ass?
Be quick with your decision,
Wouldn't want your stain to set

Here I stand, with my Solution
So convenient you see,
so undeniably perfected
to the standards you have set on me.
Close your mouth and plug your nose
and watch out now 'cause here it goes...

Watch where you step there partner,
The road-apples are still fresh.
And though they wouldn't stick on me
The Question still remains:
Do you clean the shit off with a rag?
Does it smell enough to make you gag?
Should've listened to your mother,
Should've worn your rubbers, brother

I've tried a Million and One combinations, oh Lord,
It seems it is lacking the freedom
To see beyond sex and religion and color and money
The vision is blinding.
Polluting the view with an ignorant sense
of success and freedom
What freedom?
The freedom's been taken for granted!
That's my Pollution Solution.

Watch what you think there my friend,
You seem to look a bit peculiar.
Though it wouldn't stick on me
The Question still remains:
Do you really have the world convinced
With your forced handshake and deceiving grin
Think again Mo Fo,
You're still invisible.
Track Name: Living, but Living
I've got another ideal,
Close me softly please.
I'm neglecting not to feel
Steel flowers stirred by breeze.
Indigo, they go into
A masquerade of ash
Courageous captain joins his crew
Shit! The crowds in France.

Let us build a great trampoline,
Directly down below.
For all of us not fit for heaven,
And all the fallen souls.
Go beneath, go in between
You're cooking your own arse
Courageous captain joins his crew
Slap the angels hand.

Whale around my porcupine
Let it all go side to side
You're so high at least for a while
Grits are on the pot my child
Track Name: Somewhere on the Side of the World
There we were on the side of the world and I had a hold of your hand
I was observing as the rain trickled through your hair
And you turned to me and whispered sweet words into my ear
Then gently kissed me on the cheek and suddenly the rain, the rain...

Well the rain it poured upon my cloudy fantasy
It seemed to fit the mood as I was gazing deep into your eyes
I couldn't quite make out - it seemed to be some kind of mystery
And then I thought unto myself that cloudy skies and rainy days don't

seem so bad...
It seemed so easy to create
I simply close my eyes
And spinning, round and round and round and round
My focus seems to fade
But still it makes me smile
To think of you and me you see I'm just
A blind old bat who flies around and bounces off of
Every thought I ponder upon

There I am again on the side of the world
But things have seemed to change a bit
Cause now I'm all alone alone
But in the distance I can see your face
Your lovely face, I see a trace of sunshine
In your eyes to mesmerize my soul
Take my hand and off we go...
Track Name: Piss & Vinegar
Oh my, your lips are dry.
It's been too long a time
That you've gone without wine.
Mile after time
Milking dry vine.

Wet needs instinctly, implode within me.
Boy, when it comes -
1 Million guns!
Miles upon tons
Of shattered suns.

Drown your desires, come drink your nectar and your wine;
Both given breath by your own vines,
which you lay entwined.
Will you cut yourself free or will they constrict
'till you can't even breathe?
rue, these vines are high,
tempt you to reach beyond your skies.
Then you find that there's no way down,
and you never learned to fly.
You will fall, or will you dive?

Oh my, your arms are tied.
Puppet-stringed clown
You're burning down.
Line bound to lure
Snagged to your core.

Liquid desires fuel these fires.
Girl, when it comes -
Two million guns!
Miles upon tons
Of shattered suns.

Drown your desires, come drink your nectar and your wine;
Both birthed in heat by your own vines,
which you lay entwined.
You will fall, or will you dive?
True, this wine is sweet,
it hides the vines between your feet.
And with each sip can you feel them tighten?
You're almost within their grip.
Will you cut yourself free or will they constrict
'till you can't even breathe?
Track Name: Stiletto
"Come here lover dear,
Tell me what it is you hear
Just beyond this here door there's something stirring."

"I can't hear a thing.
I may be blind but I can see
Even if someone was here why would they harm me?"

"Come on lover lost
Can't you see how much it's cost.
For these sins you deny may cause you to waltz."

"Please don't harm my baby.
She's only weak, believe me!
State it loud, please come clean.
Don't please me just to please me.
I love you must stop lying.
You'll go to hell, you're dying!"
I watch her cough up her heart.
It falls to the ground, it melts apart
And as I try to regain
The pieces that remain between the grains
I feel there's distance in my blood
Is boiling, God I'm freezing.
I feel there's ice between the cracks
It's expanding, God I'm freezing.

"Hello, mother dear,
Yes, it's good to know you're near.
But your stifling grasp - it won't change me.

Greetings father queen,
Yes, I feel you close to me.
I know you're within reach,
But I can't hear you speak."

"Please don't harm my baby,
Master, what do you want from me?"
"There's just one thing, my son
Would you trade your life for the one you've loved?"
"I'm no Moses, why test me?"
"This is for the count, my son, I'm waiting."
"No - but you wouldn't want me.
My joints are iced
My veins are empty."

I look down to find
Some angel's knife stuck in my side.
And in the sand a footprinted path,
But there's only one set of tracks.

He didn't carry me!
That's what I always feared.
Farewell father queen.
Yes, I feel you close to me.
I know you're within reach,
But I can't hear you speak.

Goodbye, mother dear,
It's so good to know you're near
But your stifling grasp - it couldn't save me.